Voting booth thoughts for Republicans |

Voting booth thoughts for Republicans

Janice Vliet, Silverthorne

Before you enter the voting booths, you should give some thought to your own values. Are you voting for President Bush solely to protect yourself from taxation, so you have more money, even if it means our public schools are floundering, our health care is second rate, and people are homeless in the streets of America? Do you view these problems as not yours?Are you voting to support President Bush’s preemptive war and President Bush because he’s a “strong war president?” When you sit in church you might want to think about that. Think about your strong president, who also goes to church and can still justify preemptive wars. His God must be just like Osama’s. I can live with supporting Senator Kerry, who went to Vietnam and then spoke out against the war. He earned the right to speak. And if you weren’t there, you haven’t earned the right to judge. If you remove the “hippie hate” from this issue, Senator Kerry’s stance on the war is just about the same as President Bush’s, and if you think President Bush is going to “stay the course,” I have some land in Florida I’d like to sell you. President Bush is already cutting the funding for rebuilding and getting ready to cut and run from his mess in Iraq. The main difference between Bush and Kerry is that Senator Kerry has an actual platform other than the war in Iraq that he is trying to address, and President Bush has his war in Iraq.This election is about more than war. It’s about power run amuck, corporate greed, jobs, the environment, the deficit, our educational system, health insurance, importing prescriptions from Canada, assault weapons on the streets, stem cell research and a woman’s right to choose. You might want to think hard about voting for four more years of this administration’s values and way of doing things, before you cast that ballot in November.

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