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W. Gerald Bird, Jr.: Tea Party hypocrisy

Nice letter Mr. Brown. Seems “older” tea party types of today don’t remember their grandparents being the most impoverished group of people in the country in the early 1960’s and before. Remember the articles on seniors eating dog food to exist before the Democrats rescued them?

This “group” per the polls just love their socialized Medicare and Social Security. Are they happy paying the lowest tax rates in US history, making an average of 50K plus? Seems their angst, this 18 percent, mostly Republican, bemoaning how “great and easy blacks” have had it. Notice the rhetoric and feelings of the 1960s again?

They got theirs and now do not want to contribute to those down the line as maybe now they will be the minority in this country?

So far this black president has avoided a depression, stopped recession, the stock market is up, consumer confidence is growing again, 33 states have added jobs the past quarter and more. The stimulus loans are being paid back and the president is now trying to add bank regulation to avoid the Bush-made morass.

The SEC (AWOL for the eight Bush years) is actually investigating Goldman Sachs, while Sen. McConnell and his obstructionist crew are supporting the banks with the usual lies that this reform will continue to be US taxpayers supporting a bailout. On the other hand, McConnell says the big banks should fail which, according to savvy economists, would destroy this country?

The actual truth is the banks, while being regulated in their gambling with our money (derivatives etc.), will be forced to pay into a pool to bail themselves out with their money should they fail.

Hence old tea partiers, somewhat racist Republicans, so wanting power again using code and a black president to engender fear and hate. Same old same old.

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