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W. Gerald Bird, Jr.: Why aren’t Canadians miserable?

W. Gerald Bird, Jr.

Congratulations Canada, you’re Olympics classy from start to finish. Yes a few glitches, a tragic death, a bunch of girls zealously celebrating their hockey gold, in what will be the most cherished moment of their lives. I’m sure our “super patriots” will choose to dwell on these moments.

The opening ceremony the Canadians honored their aboriginals , while ours languish on reservations, the Dakota Sioux, victims of recent blizzards, starving. A country which provides medical care to all whilst our party of NO figures out ways to deny medical care for our needy – the latest shameless example the so-called summit. Scanning the countries in these Olympics I was hard pressed to find a country NOT providing medical for all, hmmmm.

As a youth with some French Canadian heritage, I toured Canada. Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, Sarnia, Banff, Jasper et al. Always admiring the ghetto-free beauty, cleanliness, courtesy of the surroundings and her people.

While living in Florida I never gave a second thought to the many Canadians owning second homes or spending the winters in Ft. Lauderdale.

Now we are barraged with condemnation of socialism and countries living under this governance system. How do the people of Canada afford to live in the aforementioned cities, cities tea-party types could ill afford to reside? How does a Canadian afford $3,000 for a hockey ticket? Aren’t these people supposed to be destitute, miserable, overtaxed, poverty ridden due to their form of government?

Perhaps we have paid too much attention to the right using North Korea and Communist China (to whom we owe billions) as an example of socialism to defeat medical care they call privilege, a privilege for us but a God-given right for them .

Sorry now I was too ignorant, brainwashed and afraid to take a chance on Canada.

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