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Wall on 4 O’Clock run is dangerous

Francine SavarickBreckenridge

A story last week (“Skier dies on Keystone after hitting tree,” SDN) prompted me to send this letter. A few months one of my neighbors (who lives on 4 O’Clock ski run) built a fence around the perimeter of his home. Unfortunately, there is now a long dangerous fence cemented into the ground right along the ski run. This fence is at least 100 feet long and is a danger to skiers. We all know there are different levels of skiers (from the beginners to the reckless) as well as various conditions (from wonderful powder days to those of uncontrollable ice). The Town of Breckenridge and/or Vail Resorts has seen fit to pad their ski making stanchions which sit about two feet in front this fence. However, this new fence sits as unprotected barrier waiting for an serious accident to happen. Perhaps those in authority could at least place padding on this obstruction (or remove it totally!) It seems like the responsible thing to do. The Summit Daily News welcomes letters to the editor, preferably by e-mail to letters@summitdaily.com. Past letters can be read at http://www.summitdaily.com. All letters must be submitted along with the author’s name, hometown and phone number.

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