Wandering goats returned to their owner in Dillon Valley | SummitDaily.com

Wandering goats returned to their owner in Dillon Valley

A couple of wandering goats received attention on a popular Summit County Facebook community page today. The goats were discovered near Mandy Underwood’s yard in Dillon Valley, and a post with photos of the pair drew comments such as “if i had a yard i’d totally adopt them,” “Contact the Animal Shelter and then batten down the hatches. Goats will eat almost anything,” “I’m so sick and tired of people not keeping their goats on leashes,” and this GIF: via GIPHY Although Underwood said the Facebook post didn’t lead her to the owner, there was a happy ending. Underwood’s husband called animal control, who came to pick up the goats (and also took the time to pose for a picture with them). As Underwood and her husband left their house, they saw animal control with a truck. Turns out it was the owner, who offered Underwood some of his other goats. She did not accept. “We don’t know anything about caring for a goat,” she said.



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