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War in Iraq has been about oil and GOP self interest

Before any writers accuse anyone of being brainwashed for believing the war in Iraq was mainly for oil, they need to ask a few questions before believing naively in their government.

First of all, when has the Republican Party ever done anything for anyone unless it benefits the party?

Why did the “great liberators” oppose the Kosovo action against ethnic cleansing? Why did they not take action against the Taliban in Afghanistan prior to Sept. 11 instead of avoiding the Taliban like the plague?

Why have they opposed medical coverage for all women’s rights issues and prescription drugs for the elderly? Where were they to liberate the oppressed black man when he was fighting for his civil rights in this country?

Why are they trying to dismantle affirmative action? Why was the Iraqi ministry of oil the first place defended while the rest of the country was torched? Why was the regulation of oil to bring OPEC to its knees included in the 1997 plan? Why has Bush’s man Chalabi said the United States will do very well with Iraqi oil? Why is it that every oil industry official I have seen interviewed cackles maniacally when asked if this war wasn’t really for oil?

And how about those tax cuts for the rich? This party has done squat for anyone else except its own self interests and the wealthy.

Sorry, the liberation of the Iraqi people was a side benefit, not the ultimate goal. And in the near future, when we start getting 70 percent of our oil from Iraq, it will become even more apparent that the whole time, it was for the oil.

Jerry Bird


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