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War in Iraq is not about oil; it’s about liberating the people

This is in response to the April 18 letters on the war with Iraq.

I grew up in a city where many people lived who had fled Iraq be cause of Saddam Hussein’s rule. Yes, you will have speakers who are willing to tell you the greatness of Iraq and of Saddam, but I also have attended meetings where there have been experts from Iraq who have told us the complete opposite.

I have a best friend who’s father was in the Iraqi government and escaped to save his life.

Some of his horror stories would give most of us nightmares. And, letter-writer Matt Krane, if you think most of the chemical weapons have been destroyed since 1991, then you also must still believe in the Easter bunny.

I think people don’t want to know what is really happening in the world; they want to believe everything should be handled by talking it all over so everything will be just fine.

For those people who want peace, I would love to see them try to have a peaceful talk with Mr. Hussein.

To all the people who were against the war but say they support the troops, I would love to see them dropped off in a place like Iraq so they can live the way the locals do. Yes, it is a country full of religion, but it also is a country that was ruled by someone who should be compared to Hitler. 

Just like in Hitler’s day, we have people here in America, especially in Summit County, who believe that Hussein, just like Hitler, did nothing wrong. I think it was great to see how rejoiced people were to pull down Hussein’s statue.

Now Mr. Krane and letter-writers Travis Bennett and Jerry Bird, do you really think seeing that on TV meant these people loved him, that he was such a good person and this war was not because of Mr. Hussein but because of the oil?

Give us a break – you should know even though Iraq did supply the U.S. with oil, that doesn’t mean we don’t have enough of a supply coming from our country. 

It’s people like you who refuse to drill into our oil reserves because we might accidentally kill a tree.

We have plenty of oil, not only from our own country, but from others as well to support us if needed. One day we will have to step on some tree- and animal-lovers’ toes to finally use our oil.

So no, this war was never about oil.

Erin Galbraith


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