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War on terrorism isolates America, creates doubts

When I first heard the news last Sept. 11, the first feelings I had were feelings of doubt. I doubted the stories we were fed by the media, and I doubted almost everything our “leaders” were telling us.

After all, history has taught us over and over our “leaders” often lie to us, with the help of the media, then admit their lies years later. Even now, we are finding out that an attack on the U.S. was well known by our CIA and FBI agencies, they just didn’t take it seriously enough.

Now a year later, I doubt the true intentions of this war on terror. We have not caught nor killed Osama bin Laden; we have not destroyed any terror groups, and worst of all, we have legislated new bills that affect our own American rights.

Now, a year later, our leaders want to go to war against Iraq, a move that is being discouraged by nearly every other country in the world. Have we gone crazy in a years time? We are isolating ourselves in this world.

No matter how angry the actions of these terrorists made me, you, us, we must understand that they will not stop as long as American foreign policy continues to affect their lives dramatically. The real war that needs to be fought is the war against lies and secret foreign operations.

In a country that is supposed to be “of the people, by the people, for the people,” we, the people, have no idea what our government does in foreign countries. Then they want us to support war when our enemies strike back against our actions.

I will always support justice, equality, and peace. But I feel none of these are being defended in this war on terrorism. I do not support it.

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