War Powers Act gives Bush option to act; media likes Democrats’ wars | SummitDaily.com

War Powers Act gives Bush option to act; media likes Democrats’ wars

The condition of letter-writer Ruth S. Hertzberg’s inconsistency and lack of information is probably not worth a direct response. For if she truly cared about hearing the truth, by this point in history, she would no longer be carrying such a view as the one posted comparing Bush to a dictator.

First, as for being against the Constitution, the Congress of the United States of America passed a resolution authorizing the Bush action. Since it is that very Congress endowed with the power to declare war, it is a stretch to suggest anyone is superseding their authority.

Second, under the War Powers Act, any president has the right to engage another entity in war for 60 days without saying a thing to Congress. We have not even reached day one yet.

Beyond that, where was Hertzberg when Bill Clinton, ignoring a veto by the UN, bombed Serbia for 80 days, killing 2,000 civilians, helping a group of militant Muslims steal the province of Kosovo? Where were you?

It seems that wars started by Democrats don’t cause concerns to liberals or their kin in the press at NPR, ABC, NBC and CBS.

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