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Warner: Solar panel math doesn’t add up

Jay Warner

Re. “School district eyeing solar panels,” by Kathryn Turner, Sept. 15

Just glancing over the article, I was attempting to figure how $11,000 per year in savings worked out to $800,000 over a 20-year time frame.

So I decided to read a bit more and I read that electricity (according to the salesman) is projected to cost maybe three times as much 20 years from now as it does today.

Thirty-three thousand dollars at 20 years. If the cost of electricity triples tomorrow. Still not understanding the $800,000 number. Of course if the cost of electricity goes up four times tomorrow, we can save $44,000 a year in cost, that would amount to $880,000. Of course this would factor in that the panels are free and have no cost to maintain over 20 years, then we would save $80,000.

The sad thing is; no one will object, we will all pay for the panels, and we will continue to teach our kids math at home.

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