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Wars are better judged in hindsight


In recent weeks there have been several letters regarding the war in Iraq. Looking back in history, it appears evident that wars cannot be judged while the fighting is still going on. If we look at WW2, who would have expected that it would have resulted in a peaceful and unified group of nations that had been at war off and on for years? The Korean War was, like the first Gulf War, a response to aggression by a stronger power. In each case the aggressor was tossed out and justice was served.Even in ‘Nam we can now see that the expansion of communism was halted. But, I believe the most telling example happened 146 years ago, shortly after the first Republican president was elected; like our current president, with minority of the popular vote. This war resulted in 365,000 American deaths and was very controversial at the time. Looking back on it now, is there anyone now who wishes it had not been fought?

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