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Ways to help protect your laptop


Laptop computers have come a long way in terms of their performance compared to desktop PCs, and they’re becoming more and more popular. But they still suffer from a couple of disadvantages. First, you will pay more for a laptop compared to a similarly equipped desktop. Second, because of their size, mobility and the rather delicate nature of the hardware that make up a laptop, their components are much more susceptible to damage. At The Computer Store, we see several damaged laptops each week and, more times than not, the damage is due to improper handling by the user. Because of their portability, laptops can seem deceptively durable.

The following are a few tips to avoid the more common problems that cause damage to laptops:– Never remove laptop devices (e.g. wireless card, CD-ROM) without first stopping them.– Take care when inserting the power supply into the computer. One of the more common problems we see with laptops is that the power connector breaks. This problem can be avoided simply by being careful when plugging and unplugging the power supply. It is especially important never to remove the power connector by pulling on the cord. Always grasp the plug itself when removing it from the laptop. It is also a bad idea to leave the power cord plugged into the unit while it is in a laptop bag.– Be extremely careful when moving the laptop when it is running. The purists would tell you never to do this. Truthfully, we move our laptop quite often when it’s running and have never experienced a problem; but we do it very, very carefully.

— Never set a laptop down on a desk or other surface with the same force you might set down a book. Remember, a laptop is delicate.– Avoid setting heavy objects on your computer and always transport your computer using the carrying case. The screen is a flat glass panel that can crack if a weight is placed on the lid while it is closed. Avoid stuffing bulky items in your carrying case next to your laptop.– Always check to make sure all the lights are out before putting your laptop in its bag. One of the enemies of a laptop computer is heat, and a laptop computer that is placed in the bag when it is still running will quickly overheat. — Don’t expose your laptop to extreme temperatures.

— Damage from freezing temperatures is a common problem in Summit County during the winter. Do not leave your laptop in a car over night. Doing so is the fastest way to kill a battery.– And the obvious (but you’d be surprised at the things we see): Never, ever drop your laptop, run over your laptop, or leave it on the floor of your car under your kids’ feet (OK, we confess, this was one we did). E-mail questions to clickandhack@friscocomputerstore.com.

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