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We are the good guys in this fight

John Kerry was on the Dave Letterman show on Sept. 20. He put a lot of emphasis on using the U.N. The U.N. is not our friend, it only wants our money, not our problems.The U.N. has proven it is not supporting us on Iraq. Kerry must still be in the Cold War Era, that was the last time the U.N. was of any use to us. I’m also tired of hearing how we rushed toward war. We talked to other nations and the U.N. for six months to get their support. France and Germany did not want to attack their sugar daddy. Now this food for oil thing looks like the U.N. also had a hand in Saddam’s pocket. There are people who say they are not happy about the war. Do you want a group of terrorists to hold one of our schools with 1,200 kids hostage for three days or longer because we would try to talk them out of such a dastardly deed? I’m not happy about all the policies President Bush has established, but I’m very sincere about him leading us at this time in history. I believe he has made some commitments to other countries and he needs to stay in to fulfill those obligations. At our business a couple weeks ago, a woman came in and said, “I shouldn’t support you.” Rich asked why. She said, “Because Bush is fighting a war for a second-class people (in Iraq).” A second-class people? Who does she think she is?There is horrible genocide going on in Sudan. Who will help these poor third-class people?The U.S. has been extremely blessed. We are free and people are not suppressed, tortured or imprisoned for voicing their feelings. We are a wonderful country. We are the big brother on the playground. There are too many turning their backs and saying “It’s not my fight.” Well it is. The terrorists have brought the battle to our front yard, and if we don’t do something, they will be in our living rooms.Where do these super liberals get off saying we are the bad guys? The U.S. doesn’t kill Iraqis for the fun of it. The Hussein family did. The U.S. doesn’t suppress their people, will not conquer other lands. We arc first on the scene of a disaster, we are there with food and support, and we give way too much money to other countries. We are the good guys. As the Bible says, “Good will look like evil and evil will look like good.”

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