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We create what we think

Editor’s note: The Summit Daily News provides the Rocky Mountain Remedies section for health care providers who advertise in the Health and Fitness section; it is a venue for them to share personal and professional viewpoints and tips. This article is brought to you by Winds of Change Books and Gifts in Frisco. The quantum physics movie “What the Bleep Do We Know?” mentions that the mind doesn’t know the difference between what it sees and what it thinks it sees. We are always thinking, even in sleep or unconsciousness. Muscles require sleep, yet our thought processes require no rest. This places us in an extraordinarily powerful position. Thoughts are free. We could choose to imagine (through thought) our world as perfect, just like we want it to be: safe, exciting, successful, comfortable, peaceful, filled with friends and loved ones. We could think of an enemy as a friend, see our marriage as perfect or imagine our boss giving us a raise. Our thoughts form structures or beliefs. These are our programs – preconceived ideas for interpreting our world; criteria by which we decide how to function, behave and react. A thought combined with a feeling equals a belief. As we change our beliefs, our quality of life changes. This aspect is important, since we are free to have any thoughts we wish at any time. This is the ultimate in free will, free choice. Our life is limitless.Often we send our thought vibrations in many directions at once, negating the effect of focusing. Traumatic memories can also stand in the way of focusing thought. When expected positive results (thoughts) are negated with neural distortions, the result is frustration and disappointment. The Rapid Eye Therapy (RET) process works in the realm of thought rather than corporeal reality. RET is a powerful way to clear neural distortions.Ask yourself: “What am I focusing on?” Is it your ideal? Concentrate only on those things you desire for yourself or others. Worry is actively focusing on what you don’t want. Your thoughts, visions and emotions will attract in the world exactly what you have chosen to see and feel inside yourself. Vibration is attracting 24/7 – thought is vibration, emotion is vibration, energy is vibration, light is vibration and we are vibration. Being conscious, awake and aware allows us to choose from a place of love rather than fear. Self knowledge is useless without the ability to consciously create. Life is about growth, change and flow. Built from right now, this moment has all the power you need to create your future. Be the very best you can be, do what brings you passion and think loving thoughts for yourself and others.RET supports people in quickly releasing the past. It is a spiritual and energy therapy that empowers individuals to live a happy, productive life by releasing limiting belief systems, negative thought forms and emotions that contribute to stress. Using blinking, breathing and eye movement techniques, RET simulates the body’s natural discharge mechanism. During REM (rapid eye movement) sleep we process, clear and integrate daily experiences as the eyes move rapidly under the eyelids and the eyelids blink or twitch. RET gives a new perspective of the events in your life. It helps you naturally rise to a higher level of understanding where you are capable of creating new questions that stimulate you to an even higher level of knowing. This upward spiral of learning is what propels you toward self-discovery and self-acknowledgment in its greatest sense. Although the RET therapist facilitates this process, it is the clients journey. Next month I’ll talk about perception. You can download a free Life Skills workbook at http://www.rapideyetechnology.com to follow along. Claudia Bianca is a master Rapid Eye therapist, RET trainer and Reiki Master. She lives in Taos, N.M. You can e-mail questions to seeublink@aol.com or visit her web site at http://www.claudiabianca.com.What: Presentation, “What Is Rapid Eye Technology?” When: 7 p.m. Wednesday; private sessions offered Thursday and FridayWhere: Winds of Change Books & Gifts, FriscoCall: (970) 668-5399

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