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We don’t need "approval" by other countries

Jane WestfallKerrville, Texas/Silverthorne

I was amused by Sibylle Hechtel’s letter “Elect a different president and America’s standing in the world will improve.”Our president and the policies of our country are not subject to “approval” by anyone except citizens of the United States. Nor are the same of other countries subject to “approval” by anyone except the citizens of them. I regularly travel to various countries in different parts of the world, and I am leaving soon for a trip that includes Switzerland, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Belgium. I would not even consider staying away from a country whose policies and officials were not politically attractive to me. I am fully aware that each country handles its politics differently. The only countries I stay away from are those listed as dangerous by our State Department. Such a biased opinion would have denied my travels to the former Soviet Union, Russia, China and many South American countries – most of whose political policies are not to my liking. However, I am not there to judge or to be judged. I am there to increase my knowledge and understanding, to learn and to enjoy myself.To stay away from these wonderful places only denies me the opportunity to visit new places, meet new people, learn about the culture, native way of life, arts, crafts, languages and the many other wonders that are available only to those who take the time to visit these places. By staying away, I am the only loser.While our country is not perfect, it is still the only country where people are literally standing in line to get into. The United States remains very high on the list of the most desirable places to visit. People from many countries come here for education, to make a new life for themselves and to succeed in whatever they choose for their life’s work. In every country I have visited, I found the people to be kind, thoughtful and appreciative that I took the time to learn about their country. They are more than willing to hear about our way of life here, and I have never met anyone in a foreign country who did not want to come to the United States.I hope Ms. Hechtel’s friends and family will re-assess their thinking and come to understand that travel to the United States is not based on politics or assumed “approval.” They are the losers in this one.

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