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We have many socialist systems already in place

Lynn Fisher’s letter on Sept. 28 opposing universal health care provides yet another example of the short-sighted, dare I say short-circuited, thought process sadly evident in most conservative arguments these days. Ironically, the very anger and self-righteousness that many mistakenly feel are enough to validate their positions, are in fact largely to blame for their muddled reasoning.With specific regard to the points the writer was attempting to make, yes, Clinton did try to improve the health-care situation, but it was the Republicans who stopped him. Now, under a Republican president and congress, health-care costs have skyrocketed, and tens of millions of Americans, our countrymen, our neighbors, our children, have no coverage at all.Echoing the conservative party line, the writer claims that to provide health care to our fellow citizens would be “socialist.”Well, by following that fractured logic, one might conclude that we should eliminate public education, right? And while we’re at it, let’s root out all vestiges of socialism, and eliminate police and fire protection too – hey, go to work, get rich, and hire your own private security, all you lazy liberals.But what if you lost your job, or can’t find one? Or the job you have doesn’t pay a livable wage? Or perhaps you’re disabled, or disadvantaged? So no matter how hard you work, due to circumstances beyond your control, you can’t afford health care; and those who have enjoyed good fortune and lucky circumstances angrily and greedily conspire to deny coverage to you? Well, the Christian-hearted writer had an answer for you – move to France.I guess that’s what they call compassionate conservatism.

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