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We need to learn more about dogs, too

RE: Dog owners need to be responsible all year (Daily Mail, April 27)Regarding Ms. Brewster’s rant on irresponsible pet owners, her point is well taken. Those of us who are responsible pet owners – and we are the majority, I assure you – take it upon ourselves to pick up the slack (no pun) year-round, not just at the Carter Park Poop Scoop. If Ms. Brewster still has “great interest,” I invite her to attend the Carter Park event, which is not just an annual rite of spring (cleaning), but a great community gathering of real people, friendly and caring folk, who recognize this responsibility year round. This community of like-minded people gets out there and cleans up after those who’ve shirked their “dooty” – not to mention (at this time of year) the occasional coyote and bear scat. Regarding Ms. Rathgeber’s letter about dogs not under control, it’s regrettable that a number of dog owners don’t go that extra step, or the extra step of getting away from town, into the backwoods with their dogs as well. If it weren’t for my dogs, I wouldn’t have had half a dozen spectacular powder laps off the Baldy ridge this winter. Ms. Rathgeber should be a little upset. It’s those people that come back with: “What, are you afraid?” or “Move back to the city,” that give the majority a bad rap. They’re most likely the ones who’ve moved from the city and wouldn’t do our small towns any harm with an about-face of their own. Since there will always be a dog or dogs running loose somewhere, it might behoove all of us to learn more about dog behavior so that we can distinguish between “happy to see you” and “I’m not as friendly.” Additionally, some dogs are just “barkers” – it’s in their breed. A jolly, high-pitched “hello” to a dog is a better idea than a fearful “get away from me.” Dogs sense fear. Having no children of my own, I don’t profess to know a great deal about them, but it would seem not the best idea to have my 2-year-old playing next to a half-frozen lake.

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