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We should all have freedom of speech, regardless of profession

I have never before come across any diatribe in the editorial section that generated enough motivation to prompt me to write a letter to the editor.

As for the war in Iraq, I am a moderate (voted Bush) who finds himself perpetually torn between the need to oust Saddam and the horrors and costs of war.

We should all be freely expressing our perspectives – pro or con – without the fear that someone may take action against us for so expressing our views. It is the American way.

Nonetheless, I am completely outraged at the unabashed and disingenuous viewpoint propagated by Bruce Beerup in his letter to the editor dated April 3.

Beerup has taken it upon himself to commence a personal campaign against Jim Skvorc in reaction to Mr. Skvorc’s April 1 letter, apparently in protest of the war. Mr. Beerup gives short lip service to freedom of speech, and then commences a personal attack against Mr. Skvorc, seeking no less than to cause this person to lose his livelihood.

Apparently, per Mr. Beerup’s protocol, as applied to Mr. Skvorc but curiously not to Beerup himself, we should all be stating what we do for a living before we express our opinions.

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