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We should not allow a president’s manifest destiny

Eric Collier

Re: When presidents talk to God, what do they say (Rich Mayfield, May 24)

Thanks to Pastor Mayfield for his astute and gutsy dissection of presidents and their imagined personal relationships with God. But he didn’t take it far enough. Presidents with messiah complexes are plenty dangerous, but they couldn’t do it without a huge base of popular support.

They rely on religio-grupenfuhrers like John Hagee and Rod Parsely, which America seems to produce in astounding quantities, to stir the flocks. Then there are the masses of drooling creduloids who constitute their flocks, who believe everything their leaders tell them.

Apparently these people constitute a very substantial proportion of the American public, and their numbers seem to be growing. And their power, wealth and influence even seems to be quite out of proportion to their numbers. And, of course, they have counterparts in the Muslim world … How, in the 21st century, has our dominant species devolved to this primitive tribal state?

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