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We should unite against the administration

Regarding the call to unite behind the current administration, on the contrary, there are many reasons to withhold support and to unite in opposition.If the expanding federal government deficit does not suffice, then add the continuing redistribution of wealth to the wealthiest Americans. Also, consider the assaults on our social safety net, on environmental protections and on consumer safeguards.Additionally, whereas our healthcare techniques and technologies rank among the best for those who can afford them, our infant mortality rate is worse than those of more than 20 other nations. Significant numbers of our indigent mentally ill live on the streets. Many middle-class American families stand but one major illness or injury short of bankruptcy. Furthermore, our basic infrastructures are deteriorating. How do the current administration’s policies address these issues?Our president and other key administration officials mislead us. The Iraq war is no more a valid response to the threat of terrorism than are personal investment accounts a solution to the long-term weakness of Social Security.Before we started it, the Iraq war was an undertaking awaiting an excuse. (If you doubt this assertion, then see the white paper prepared well before 2003 for the Project for the New American Century, a think tank whose founders include, among others, Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz.)Finally, though I could continue, instead of investing for our future, the current administration supports the interests of entrenched industries. (If you would like some inspiration on alternatives, see the work of the Rocky Mountain Institute, our neighbors in old Snowmass.) Can we really expect advocates for the oil industry to advance our interests and to develop a balanced, long-term strategy for energy independence?

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