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Web Sill manager defends anti-Fitz-Gerald mailings as accurate portrayal of her record

Steve Schultz, campaign manager, Web Sill for Senate District 16

I would like to address complaints the Web Sill campaign is receiving about negative mailings concerning the incumbent state senator for District 16.

These so called “negative” or “deceptive” articles only document the incumbent’s voting record over the past two years.

They do not attack her personally. In state Sen. Joan Fitz-Gerald’s last campaign., she and her surrogates had no problem viciously attacking her opponent personally.

Indeed, the Democratic National Committee has just produced a fund-raising cartoon that shows President Bush pushing an elderly woman off a cliff in a wheelchair! It justifies this ghastly piece because the Democrats don’t think you should have the right to invest even part of your money in mutual funds or stocks to help with your retirement.

Elections are usually won or lost on two basic issues: hope or fear. The Democrats want you to rely on them for everything, so they raise the specter of fear about crises in Social Security, health care, etc., while offering no solutions, except ambiguous phrases that always contain the words, “increase funding.”

“Increase funding” translates directly into “your only hope is to let us spend more of your money” – taxpayers’ money, of course. We all know there are very partisan groups on both sides of the aisle who produce media to influence voters, and they usually don’t put their contact numbers on their ads.

It is also illegal for them to interact directly with a candidate, so candidates have no control over them.

However, no one but Ms. Fitz-Gerald is responsible for her voting record. They just hoped no one would notice.

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