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Webb: Unfair talk of Summit Stage union

Tim Webb, Copper Mountain

Re: “Summit’s bus bureaucracy,” Seth White, letters, April 1

I could think that Mr. White’s letter about “Summit’s bus bureaucracy” was an April Fool’s joke, but no. When unions are mentioned, too many people think the worst. I, coming from the South with textile “sweat shops” and companies that “don’t care,” know that unions have a function. Plus, the fact that with “Right to Work” laws (letter mentioned “hire replacements” – so assume Colorado is a Right to Work state as is my home state), unions do not have the power that they had in the mid-20th century.

First, a union contract is a “work agreement/plan” like a budget is a spending plan. Neither is bad.

Second, are the drivers’ earnings and benefits out of line for what they do, where they drive and in the conditions they do their job?

Third, a “good union” involves itself in the enhancing of the company. Who was it that has come up with the first and best initial plan to save time and cost for Summit Stage? Answer: the employee’s committee formed by and of the union.

Fourth, the “complaining of the drivers” lately has been in reference to the maintenance of the buses (and other county vehicles) by the company WHO the county is considering turning over operating our bus system. I am not faulting our commissioners. They cannot see every aspect of our county services that is why input and guidelines (contracts) are so important. Are the county vehicles being maintained? I don’t know nor does Mr. White, but if they are not, we should not let the same contractor take full control of Summit Stage. Maybe they are “spread too thin” now.

I do agree with Mr. White’s suggestion of “50 cents a ride.”

Tim Webb, Copper Mountain

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