Wedding walks and wedding talks |

Wedding walks and wedding talks

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You may already know that Mariah Carey tied the knot with boyfriend of about a month, former Nickelodeon star Nick Cannon. The C-list 27-year-old actor/wannabe rapper, who has recently stated he wants to be a self-made billionaire and mogul by the age of 30, married the pop diva, 11 years his senior, in a small ceremony in the Bahamas on April 30. How else is Nick Cannon going to grow so much professionally and financially in such a short period of time? We haven’t seen Mariah be so public in a relationship since her much-publicized marriage to music mogul Tommy Mottola which ended in 1997.

Hollywood is no stranger to quickie weddings (and divorces.) After recently getting engaged and knocked up all in the same week, Ashlee Simpson and her fiancee, Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz, are supposedly tying the knot this Saturday in an undisclosed location. They must be feeling the pressure from Ashlee’s minister/manager father, Joe, to get married before the secret’s confirmed that there is indeed a bun in the oven.

Paris Hilton obviously isn’t very shy or modest. So it came as no surprise when she proclaimed her undying love for boyfriend of two months, Good Charlotte’s Benji Madden, on David Letterman last week. With Benji backstage, Paris revealed to all of America that he is the one she wants to spend the rest of her life with and he has changed her life in every way possible. And all in a two-month span.

Let’s hope Paris’ honesty and openness doesn’t backfire like it did for Jessica Simpson. The older Simpson sister and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo have been dating steadily since last fall. Well Jessica, who famously put her marriage to Nick Lachey on display on their MTV reality show, “Newlyweds,” has apparently also doomed her relationship with Romo with the same theatrics. Simpson is on the cover of this month’s Glamour and throughout the interview, she professes her love for the quarterback and even tells the world (or Glamour readers like myself) that she will someday soon marry Romo. It looks like she jinxed her happily ever-after because sources are now claiming that the Southern duo have broken up.

After a long relationship and engagement to singer Alanis Morissette ended just over a year ago, actor Ryan Reynolds (“Definitely, Maybe”) has found love again with actress Scarlett Johansson. The attractive couple got engaged last week. They haven’t set a wedding date yet, but on the flip side, Ryan’s ex-fiancee has set an album release date for June 10. The highly anticipated “Flavors of Entanglement” is her first album in years and according to Morissette, it chronicles “the rock bottom she finally hit.” She told People magazine last week that she hit rock bottom due to “a personal unraveling of significant relationships in my life.”

It’s safe to assume that she’s referring to her broken engagement to Reynolds. Hopefully we’ll see the same angry and emotional Alanis on this album that we’ve seen on her past albums because her heartbreak and loss is our musical gain.

Have you noticed that Rumer Willis, eldest daughter to Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, is everywhere lately? She was just honored in People magazine’s annual “100 Most Beautiful People” issue a couple of weeks ago and now sources are saying she’s releasing a pop album. You don’t even need singing talent to record and release an album these days ” apparently all you need is famous connections … Beyonce Knowles tied the knot to music rapper and mogul Jay-Z just over a month ago but they didn’t waste any time making a baby! Or maybe that’s why they got married all of a sudden?

“Paris Hilton and her boyfriend went to Disney World this past weekend which explains why the most popular ride at Disney World was Paris Hilton.”

” Conan O’Brien on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien”

Deirdre Shattuck resides in Breckenridge and maintains her enthusiasm for celebrity gossip even while living in the mountains.

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