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Weinstein: Congrats to Adriano’s Bistro

J. Weinstein

Congratulations to Adriano’s Bistro and the longtime Summit County restaurant family, the Ottoborgos. Justice prevailed and Adriano’s Bistro won on all complaints as presented by attorney Noah Klug and his family. All complaints were dismissed and concerning the deck, the band, decibel rating and the in compliance liquor license. The town of Dillon found Adriano’s Bistro in full compliance on all aspects of these nonsensical complaints.

This frivolous and vexatious lawsuit found its correct place in the halls of justice. Adriano’s was found in full compliance of the county of Summit and the town of Dillon and the state of Colorado. A perfecta in every regard.

Congratulations to a small business owner who is a stand-up community supporter and always does the right things and goes things right.

And may the band play on for many summers to come. Bravissimo!

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