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Welcome Home: The beauty of a smaller property

by Butch Elich & Paula Parker
Special to the Daily SHP told Butch Elich we needed a photo of Tom Waits playing an accordion in front of this 'shotgun shack' in Frisco. Butch agreed to stand in for Mr. Waits with his own accordion, which he happened to have handy.

According to a recently published report by the Census Bureau, the American home is shrinking. The McMansion days could be over. The median new home size fell to 2,135 square feet in 2009 after peaking at more than 2,300 earlier in the decade. Steven Pace, a North Carolina-based developer says, “Home buyers are asking for less, cutting back on options and reducing square footage.” According to Pace, buyers are saying, “Maybe we don’t need 5,000 square feet, maybe our bath doesn’t need to be big enough for our whole family and all our neighbors to take a shower at the same time.” Chief economist for the American Institute of Architects, Kermit Baker, says consumers are asking less for single-purpose spaces, such as media or game rooms; instead, the requests are for rooms with shared uses. Currently, the typical home has six rooms, with three of them being bedrooms, according to the Census Bureau’s annual American Housing Survey. The most common number of baths is two or more.So, this brings us to the pictured home, which is situated on a 50′ x 140′ parcel at 321 8th in Frisco. The home consists of two bedrooms, one bathroom, and 540 square feet – or, about 1/10th the space of the 115 homes currently listed in Summit County with 5,000 square feet or more! A perfectly habitable space as it is, with great southern sun, a big yard, walk to school, town, or marina location, and lots of storage, the property could potentially be redeveloped. It’s conceivable the lot might allow more units, using Frisco’s new “Cabin Zoning” parameters. For under $300,000 – the property is an affordable one with a bright future. One might consult Frisco architect and expert, Darrick Wade of Bostad International, Inc., to explore the possibilities.”A very special thanks to Alex Miller for making this possible – have a great weekend!”Welcome Home is written by Butch Elich & Paula Parker. Search for them by name on Google, Twitter, or Facebook.

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