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Well, Liddick, what else you got for us?

RE: I’m a conservative, not the conservative (Morgan Liddick, May 23)It will be nice to be edified by Mr. Liddick on his interpretations of our Constitution and his knowledge of what the founding fathers were thinking. I can’t wait for his “thoughts” on conservatism, his big words and his subtle arrogance. I believe we have had the past six years under compassionate conservatism, how do you like it so far?I suppose in further lessons, Mr. Liddick will touch on judicial activism. You know where a premise is brought before a court of law to be decided based on a Constitution written when this premise was unknown, like a Terry Schaivo right-to-life issue or abortion. If the ruling comes down on the left side of the issue that is judicial activism and the court making law. If it comes down on a conservative side ahh, great law good for the country.Perhaps Mr. Liddick will explain our president’s penchant for exploiting illegal immigration, their willingness to work for 1/3 the pay American blue collars used to get? Perhaps he will explain why our attorney general doesn’t enforce all the laws, you know illegal immigration, wiretapping and much more. Perhaps he will explain the difference between today’s conservative mindset as opposed to the mindset of the manifest destiny days of the 1840s? I see little difference.Yes conservatives believe in freedom, justice and liberty, they just think they should have more of it than anyone else.Yes, Mr. L, it will be fun sorting out your obfuscations on why “compassionate conservatives” are rallying their base by adding gay bashing and anti-abortion issues to the ballots, do they have any thing positive to hang their hats on? According to 70 percent of us thinkers, no. Please tell us why a war can be planned a year in advance just waiting for an excuse to put the plan into action.Why have all the orange alerts ceased since the election, will they start up again before the next election? Tell us why military recruiters have legal and demanded access to our schools and the personal data of our students but when a teacher attempts to show a class the other side of the coin instead of John Wayne movies they are fodder for the Mike Rosen’s and their ilk. I can’t wait Mr. L. There is so much for us to “learn” at your capable hands, after all the conservatives own the flag, patriotism and the Bible. I am sure many of us 71 percent (doubters) are sorry for our sins and eagerly await your interpretations and pointing out to us the many “highlights” of the past six years and the proper way to conduct our lives … ala the Bush ideals of conservatism.

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