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What a sad state of affairswhen war is still the solution

I read Dick Dixon’s April 28 letter and thought, what a sad state of affairs. We still live in a world that believes in war as a solution to conflict.

In my view, whether a relationship is between two people or two continents, in the big picture, the results of some actions are predictable. Remember the school bully?

As Westerners, we do not understand the Muslim culture. By interfering, we have reinforced our status as the world bully and given zealots like Osama bin Laden credibility in his world.

We are doing exactly what he predicted by remaining in Iraq, and he must be dancing in his cave to see us losing the support of some of our allies.

Creating artificial shortages and dramas in order to establish urgency and sustain its power and momentum is an age-old and dangerous way for a government to retain status quo. But it works.

Rather than representing the entire country, George W. Bush has fought long and hard to represent a minority of, in my view, Christian far-right zealots.

Having lived in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, I can understand how it is not much of a stretch for a Muslim moderate to see the powerful, Christian right-wing activist president (and therefore all Americans) as a serious threat to his culture. And nothing unites people like a common threat.

At least John Kerry is talking about involving the United Nations in the rebuilding process in Iraq and working towards getting our kids out of the war zone. We do not want to risk dealing with Iraq without the support of any more of our allies.

The U.N., with help from its member nations, is the only entity that has the worldwide support and credibility to “fix” Iraq and move that country into a peaceful government.

But like any truly democratic body, it can only be powerful with engaged support and guidance from its members. (America suffers from the same problem: lack of engaged support and guidance from all of its members.)

Imagine how different things would be if we had poured billions into supporting a powerful, peaceful U.N. instead of this war.

In my view, it is time for George W. and the boys to take the posse and head back to Texas.

They have had their fun, and now we need to begin damage control with our allies and mend our sorry budget.

Cindy Keiser

Blue River

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