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What are you people thinking?

Mollie ThompsonFrisco Resident

If someone walked up to you and said, “I am here to take care of all of your town needs,” would you turn it down? Well guess what? You just said “No” to that person, and guess what? All of those little things that you really don’t think much of cost money, as in pot holes, mowing the parks, enforcing the law, building inspections, being in charge of the town. Where do you think this money comes from? Well, I will tell you, your taxes dollars. Without that, we won’t have these and maybe more services and programs, unless someone would like to donate a large amount of money to the town.How many of you enjoy the flowers on Main Street or knowing when you get up in the morning your street will be plowed? I really don’t understand the logic behind your thinking other than all Frisco can do better is “Don’t put anything on our precious land.” I have lived here long enough to know that the town has changed and moved forward where it needs to continue to move. I have only lived here for about 22 years, but I do remember Pirate Pete, Bo’s Pharmacy, and who couldn’t forget the B&L Market. That’s when you had your small mountain town. This is what we call progression. We are already past that point, and we can’t turn back now. So, I really hope you enjoy whatever you think Frisco can do better on, because you just blew it big time.

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