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What gondola?

Kevin PillifantBreckenridge

What a great event we had at the base of Peak 8 with the U.S. Snowboard Grand Prix Style Session on Saturday night. What really ruined the event was the absence of our “brand new Gondola.” Instead of riding the gondola up to Peak 8 and enjoying the view for the evening- we had to wait in line and get packed into a old ski bus to make the journey. I cannot even mention the amount of time the wait was after the event ended to get packed back into the old bus with standing room only. All this while our new town Gondola hung motionless in the night. I was later informed that the Town of Breckenridge does not have a permit to run the Gondola at night. What a shame. Especially with an event like this, it would have been really nice to access the new gGondola that we had to put in town to limit the bus traffic up Ski Hill Rd. Something to think about Breck. Maybe next year?

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