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What goodies will Home Depot get?

George ShermanCitizens Against Home DepotFrisco

RE: Home Depot ensures investment in town infrastructure (SDN Sept. 28)Now the goodies game begins. Dan Fallon’s letter uses high-sounding adjectives and tantalizing promises to obscure what is really happening. He attacks the skepticism in Alex Miller’s letter about Home Depot’s promises for Frisco, but nowhere explains how these offers are to be fulfilled once Frisco voters on Dec. 13 have given the town council carte blanche to negotiate the final project. According to the perspective ballot text, the final version shall be in “substantial conformance” with what Home Depot is saying to us now. But what does that mean? Who decides? The town council and town manager Michael Penny, of course, who will negotiate the deal after the voters have given the go-ahead. Voters should study carefully the goodie-giving clauses of the ballot item. After listing all the amenities to come to the community, the authors add a catch-all category for “such other uses as approved by the town council.” In other words, despite the hoopla about new amenities, the door is discreetly opened to giving sponsors authority to spend the supposed bonanza as they see fit. Watch out – enlarging facilities on the peninsula is a prime target. We are being presented with what must be the longest and worst-written ballot item on record, filled with promises of largess. In reality it is simply a passport for post-election manipulation. Surely Frisco can do better.

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