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Whatever else the rich dothey certainly pay their taxes

Tim McKennie - Breckenridge

I can sympathize with Bill Bauer’s concerns (SDN, March 17) about potentially reduced Social Security benefits.

Most people who have paid into Social Security for years justly feel they should get out what they put into it.

However, Mr. Bauer’s anger at a fatally flawed government program has found an outlet as a knee-jerk reaction blaming “rich aristocrats” for the countries numerous troubles.

It is a shame that during his research into Latin American politics and colonial taxation policies, that he never bothered to look into the basic facts of his letter.

If he had he could have found that rather than paying no taxes as he states, that the top 10 percent of income earners in America pay 65 percent of the income taxes.

Blame these folks for acid rain, poor drinking water, famine, plague, and locusts if you want, just don’t say they don’t pay taxes.

Tim McKennie


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