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What’s the difference between marijuana’s THC and CBD? (sponsored)

by Jessica Smith, brought to you by Organix

Marijuana is a complex plant, and as more products come into the medical and recreational markets, differences between various strains and their chemical compounds are becoming more prominent.

One big point of interest to those interested in cannabis for any purpose is the difference between the effects of THC and CBD. While both are found within the cannabis plant, they are quite different from each other. THC is short for tetrahydrocannabinol (try saying that five times fast), and is the chemical responsible for the effects that cause user to get high. On the other hand, CBD (cannabidiol) has numerous beneficial effects on health — many of which are still being documented and tested — without the psychoactive effects of THC.

The key difference to most users revolves around this very point. If a product contains all CBD and no THC, then the user will not experience the effects generally associated with being high, such as paranoia, sluggishness, etc. This has made CBD a popular option not only among the medical marijuana crowd, but among recreational users who are seeking relief from certain symptoms but don’t have medical marijuana prescriptions.

“CBD is a good option for people who don’t want to have psychoactive effects,” said Kate Monette, manager at Organix, a marijuana dispensary in Breckenridge.

She has seen customers come in who are looking for exactly that, such as elderly people seeking another form of pain management but no interest in feeling high. However, just because CBD doesn’t have those psychoactive effects doesn’t mean it can only be found in medical dispensaries. Products with either CBD or THC, as well as a mix of both, can be found in recreational dispensaries.

“As a consumer, your best bet is to ask your budtender which products do contain (CBD),” Monette said.

Not all products may include that information on the label. Some products aim primarily for THC content, some for CBD content and many in between. The debate is still waging over how, if at all, CBD’s health benefits might be increased by combining with THC.

The type of products used for ingesting CBD are varied. There’s the typical joint or edible, as well as transdermal patches, tinctures and gel pens.

As recreational marijuana becomes more mainstream, more products that offer a variety of experiences will reach the market. The key is to stay informed and not be afraid to ask questions.


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