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What’s the matter with natural food and better diets for everybody?

Somehow, I possess the narrow mind to consider the possible negative effects of genetically modified foods. Because I prefer to eat foods non-adulterated by chemicals, I am being blamed for the starvation of Third World countries?Letter-writer Dr. James Bennett, I fully respect your scientific expertise, and letter-writer Robert Cooper, I am enthralled with your empathy for African countries.Have either of you ever been to Africa? I would be entertained at the idea. First of all, I believe it is more than simplistic to state that the concern over genetically modified foods is merely part of a political regime, and especially, by stating that France and Germany genetically modify wines and crops acts as justification for this trend.You are overtly devaluating the United States’ and/or anyone’s beliefs on genetically modified foods by mentioning this. The fact that we as a massive country have the highest percentage of obesity, heart attack, heart disease and cancer of every type grants me the idea that we might be doing something wrong.The fact that a bell pepper costs at least three times more than an entire box of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese tells me our diet is biased for a reason.The idea that our children are more familiar with Ronald McDonald than with our last president troubles me.Secondly, I do not see any evidence of our proliferation of genetically modified foods making any nation’s woes more tolerable, other than by affecting their traditionally wholesome diets for the worse.Third, what about our own people? How can we address other nations’ problems without acknowledging the demise of our own society? What about our long lost farmers who have suffered drastically since the Industrial Revolution and, not to mention, by the creation of genetically modified foods.These huge companies are basically dictating what we consume everyday without accepting any repercussions of the unknowns being injected into us.The assertion that because I am concerned about what I consume makes me a threat to society – this idea makes me sick.Additionally, the thought that “liberals” have such a drastic effect on economics is quite comical.Let us think for a minute of fatal diseases and obesity prominent in the U.S. The foods Europeans consume on a regular basis, for example, tend to be much less processed than those that we consume.Even considering France’s high fat, tobacco, and alcohol consumption, we are much less healthy overall. Despite our nonfat, nontaste, nonbalanced diets, we are constantly overweight and on diets. Something wrong?Instead of producing endless amounts of fake food, why not focus on real food, which supports our farmers, our health, our people and the rest of the world that is accustomed to it?

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