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When good deer go really bad

Keystone security called the sheriff’s department after a property manager discovered a store window broken. When the deputy arrived, she found a front window of the store shattered and a trail of blood throughout the store. The deputy inspected the edges of the broken glass and smears in the blood on the ground and made a startling deduction: That wasn’t hair on the glass, it was fur; and those weren’t footprints, they were hoof prints. It seems a deer had broken into the store and left through the same hole it made in the window going in.What the deer didn’t know, however, is that the store was empty of merchandise, as it hadn’t been stocked for the ski season yet. The deputy filed the report and warned other officers to be on the lookout for criminal-minded ungulates.They make it so easyA sheriff’s deputy cruising down Highway 6 near Keystone just before midnight noticed a woman standing next to the roadway. As he slowed down, she began to walk toward the deputy’s patrol car. She requested a “courtesy” ride just up the road, and the deputy was happy to oblige. Just to be safe, he ran her name through the Big Computer and asked her if she was carrying any drugs or weapons.”I don’t think so,” the woman said as she plopped down in the back seat and put her large handbag in the front seat. “Well, then you won’t mind if I check your bag, will you?” the officer said. The woman agreed.Inside the bag, the deputy found a plastic jar containing a green leafy substance, a large black case containing a grinding tool (“For my pot,” the woman explained), two pipes, rolling papers, razor blades and another jar containing small black chunks of an unknown substance.”Is this hashish?” the deputy asked. “Yes,” the woman said.Those who live in glass houses …A grocery store employee in Breckenridge alerted police after watching a man in the parking lot throw a large rock through a car window. When officers arrived, the employee pointed the man out – standing at the bus stop. Officers took the man into custody. They searched the man and found a plastic baggy containing a green leafy substance, a pipe and noticed the man smelled of alcohol. The man said he hadn’t had anything to drink all day; then he blew a .175. Oh, and the man said he didn’t break any car windows. The officers took him to jail, along with the shopping bag that contained his brand new water pipe, also known as a “bong.”The man was booked into jail and later released. The jail failed to return to him his bong, however. But, because the pipe was brand new and contained no drug residue (and since they are sold “for tobacco use only”) it could not be confiscated as drug paraphernalia.It’s for the pain, manA Silverthorne police officer driving through Dillon Valley looked over and saw something suspicious: A man sitting on his porch smoking out of a shiny metal pipe. He called in a sheriff’s deputy, since it’s in the sheriff’s jurisdiction.A deputy arrived and the two officers approached the porch. The man said, yes, I’m smoking marijuana. He got it from a co-worker, he said, because he had an infected tooth. The deputy gave the man a ticket for possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia, noting in his report that there were children playing in the yard next door.

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