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When will the drama end?

Rob KleinSilverthorne

This letter is in regards to the meth lab break in of Josh Brodwick and Kathryn Rodes.As the people of Summit County are well aware, a drug raid was placed upon these individuals. Now I am sure many of you fellow Summit County residents have seen “Cops,” as well as other police action movies, and realize that the bad guys do not always like the police. With that being said, we realize that officers are no longer able to kindly knock, give the suspect a warm hug, and ask to see were their stash is. Make sense? Instead, the officers must investigate by following the suspect and learning about their habits. I am surprised to see that in the most recent article about this raid, that “stalking” wasn’t added to the list of charges the lawsuit has placed against the officers.The following charges: 1. Conspiracy: Yes, like Josh’s mother said, they must not like you because you live together in sin without being married. Well, as long as I don’t live with you, I could care less who you live with. 2. Assault and Battery: I don’t remember any notes of assault before, but I guess handcuffs could hurt you. 3. False Arrest: Well this one makes sense to me, but why then …4. Kidnapping: Should the police just say “we are placing you under arrest, so could you please just stay right here and I will get back with you in a day or so?” Moves me to …5. False Imprisonment: “Since it’s pretty cold out here this time of year do you want to come over to my place?” “Oh sure. Thank you Mr. Officer …” Right. 6. Trespassing: Drugs or no drugs, police trespass every time they have a warrant.7. Slander: Please tell me how you really feel about the police! You were gone and somebody trashed your house. I think that has happened to everyone who has ever lived with a roommate. The bottom line, the police were trying to avoid an explosion similar to the Loaf ‘N Jug incident in Frisco, although that one wasn’t caused by drugs. Being a Colorado native, I have seen several meth labs busted or blown up in this state. So you feel that you were wrongly accused. I agree with you. I was wrongfully accused of shoplifting when I was 16 in a music store. I had nothing, the owner was apologetic, and I accepted. And as humiliating as it was to be frisked in public, I still let things go. Whenever I was wrongfully accused for all the little, or big things a person can be accused for, whether I was two years of age or 27, I did not run away. You don’t run away because you don’t get respect anymore. You stay and earn it. So please come back to Summit County, but not to stare down the people who look at you. And not to press crazy charges, but to show us who you really are and what you are truly capable of. This topic is old and we all need to move on.Thank you to the police officers in Summit County for all your dedication and what you have to put up with to protect and serve our community.

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