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Where are the weapons of mass destruction? War ignores truths

Joann Sleadd’s April 17 letter (“Only the brainwashed or brain-dead believe the Iraqi war is about oil”) demonstrates the sort of muddle-

headed thinking and revisionism rampant among pro-war advocates.

While she may be right in asserting the current war isn’t about oil (though one wonders if Bush would have been so eager to shed blood in a nation without oil – say, North Korea?), her

justifications for our current illegal and unconstitutional adventure strain credulity way past the breaking point.

It has become gospel now that this war is being conducted to liberate the Iraqi people. Such a contention betrays a short-term amnesia of awesome proportions.

Our president per curiam didn’t justify this action on such altruistic grounds. No, we were told that Saddam presented a real threat to the U.S., specifically because he may give “weapons of mass destruction” to terrorists.

The implication was these terrible engines of destruction would be handed over to al-Qaida by the obliging Saddam. “Freeing the Iraqi people” was mentioned, when it was mentioned at all, as sort of a ancillary bonus.

The reason for such an omission in the administration’s sales job is obvious: There are many, many loathsome dictators in the world. If we are to liberate one country, shouldn’t we liberate them all?

It was only as the hunt for the dreaded weapons of mass destruction (all of which, by the way, the U.S. has in abundance) turned up

nothing that we started hearing this rationale.

All we have proven is the world’s most technologically advanced and heavily armed military can make short shrift of a decimated fourth-rate army.

The current pro-war hysteria, born in an environment of terror exploited and sustained by this administration, ignores some hard truths.

For the first time, and in violation of international law, we have invaded and conquered a nation that did not attack us, or even pose an imminent threat of doing so. 

This war had nothing to do with liberating the Iraqi citizens, and everything to do with the exercise of naked, overwhelming power. When the clueless among us ask the question “Why do they hate us?” they may want to ponder just what we’ve done in Iraq.

Editor’s note: The writer is a former Summit County deputy district attorney and County Court judge. He also was known for his local photography.

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