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Where’s the news on TV … all I see is 2008 candidates

J.T. Coyoté Silverthorne

What is going on? Every time I turn on the news these days, whether it be Fox, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, and even C-SPAN the last couple of days, has all been about the 2008 presidential candidates.A few days ago, I read in the “Rocky” that it would take a Presidential candidate a minimum of $100 million dollars just to ante-in, and as much as $500 million, if they wish to have a chance at a win in 2008. Oh really, and what is this money for?Well, that is quite obvious to me. The money is to buy two years worth of air time to engage in this high-dollar popularity contest that is replacing the news. This money is appearance cash given to the media in order to buy up the airwaves and stop the flow of real news. Last week, the only show that wasn’t totally Iraq War and 2008 candidates all the time, was Lou Dobbs on CNN.Here is what I mean.We have two wrongly-convicted border patrol agents in federal prison for “tagging in the tush” a drug smuggler. This was based on false evidence uncovered last week when the House Intelligence Committee was informed by Inspector General Richard Skinner under oath. When asked if the testimony given in September that documented proof of the accusations used to convict the two agents would be forthcoming, Skinner admitted the Department of Homeland Security did not have investigative reports to back up the claims: “The person who told you that misinformed you,” Skinner reportedly replied. This certainly explains quite a bit. But where did the story go? All I see is Clinton, Rudy, Edwards and Obama ad nauseum. I suspect, and have for sometime now, that the government/media has been conspiring to cover up and bury their inappropriate and criminal actions in regards to their malicious prosecution of Border patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean. They will obfuscate away this – and any story on Illegal Immigration – these days, but now we have the candidates to pay for it.I will continue to get my hard news nationally from Lou Dobbs on the tube, Alex Jones on the radio, wnd.com, newsmax.com and humanevents.com on the web. As for my local news, I’ll get that in hard copy, from the little blue box on the corner, The Summit Daily News. Nicole Formosa’s follow-up on the “smuggling coyote incident” was greatly appreciated!Write to usThe Summit Daily News welcomes letters to the editor, preferably by e-mail to letters@summitdaily.com. Past letters can be read at http://www.summitdaily.com. All letters must be submitted along with the author’s name, hometown and phone number.

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