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Whittrock: Mr. Capozzella’s letter was ‘scary’

Joseph Wittrock,

Re. “Is the GOP stupid,” by Vincent Capozzella, letters, Aug. 29

I would like to thank the new editor of the Summit Daily for printing Vincent Capozzella’s very informative and tasteful letter (“Is the GOP Stupid”), concerning the Republican’s war on important social issues. Mr. Capozzella paints a dark picture of an America without “vaginal probes,” “gay sex,” and “vitro fertilization” [sic]. I commend you Summit Daily, for having the intestinal fortitude to get past the stigma of name calling in a public forum to help raise awareness of these issues that are so important to some of the local Democrat supporters. Mr. Capozzella ends his letter with one word, “Scary!!.” As a matter of fact, that is the word that came to my mind when I read his letter.