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Who We Are: The man behind the curtain

Aaron Burnett
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When Frisco resident Mark Luna walks around town, he doesn’t just see a collection of streets and buildings, Luna sees a decade-and-a-half’s worth of hard work. A civil engineer by trade, Luna has helped transform Frisco in the 15 years since he arrived in town.

Luna’s resume of projects he has worked on locally ranges from trail and road designs to the marina and peninsula recreation area.

“I walked out of my house and walked on a trail that I designed,” Luna said while sitting on the patio of Rocky Mountain Coffee Roasters on Main Street in Frisco drinking a cup of coffee recently.

“I really love it. I love the small town,” Luna said. “I love walking in and knowing 10 out of 12 people that are in here.”

Just about anywhere you see Luna, you’ll also see his trusted companion, Jacy, a shepherd mix that he jokes is more popular than he is.

“A lot people know her more than they know me,” Luna said.

Luna is originally from Pueblo, but spent time in California before settling in Summit County 15 years ago.

The Colorado native served six years with the town of Frisco before moving to the private sector. For the past seven years he has worked for an engineering firm in Vail, a daily commute Luna says can’t be any better.

“You can’t ask for a better commute for a half hour in your life,” Luna said. “Every day I look over those mountains when I go over, it does it for me.”

And while his work takes him to Eagle County on a daily basis, the engineer said his heart is in Frisco.

“It’s a great community. That’s the biggest thing that I can say. I could have saved hours of driving, but I would rather stay in this community,” Luna said. “When you put everything together, walking in and knowing everybody, taking my dog out. It’s a feeling of community.”

That sense of community is something Luna takes pride in.

“From the bar person to the council person to the town employee, I know such a range of people here,” Luna said.

Luna has been instrumental in numerous public works projects in Frisco, including the redesign of Summit Boulevard.

“It used to just be a sea of asphalt,” said Luna, who designed the street’s curbs, gutters, drainage and medians.

As for the community’s trail system, he gives credit to the town’s leaders for including it in their vision of Frisco.

“It’s kind of cool because the town had the forethought to do all those kind of things and I was involved in it,” Luna said. “I walk out my door and just love that I was involved in this.”

But the projects he says he is most proud of are Frisco Bay Marina and the peninsula recreation area.

“I do a lot of work for the town,” Luna said. “What I’m proud of is working on the marina and working on the peninsula.”

The civil engineer said the marina was a big challenge for the town and he was excited to be a part of it. “It was not just me but, I was there and helped design it, which was fun.”

The transformation into a full-use facility has been a boon to the community, Luna said.

“It’s a big change for the town in the last 15 years,” Luna said. “It was limited. It was a dirt road out there with one building that you could get boats out of.”

Luna’s work with the town has helped forge a personal bond with the community.

“I helped with the development of the town,” Luna said. “What’s cool is that when you have that connection to the community you live in, it’s huge. I have a tangible thing to look at.”

Luna is currently working on the plan for the redevelopment of Main Street, a project he is excited to take part in.

“Doing Main Street I think is the next step for me. This is where I walk every day,” said Luna. “I’m excited for what we can do here. Even if it’s in five years, it’s going to be a big thing.”

The civil engineer said many aspects of the redevelopment are still being hashed out.

“We’re trying to figure it out now, what can happen in the next one to five years,” Luna said. “It could be dependent on funds basically.”

The civil engineer doesn’t let the project’s current uncertainty phase him though.

“I’m so proud that I got the job to be able to do that,” Luna said. “To sit out here (Main Street) and ultimately see this improved is my goal.”

When asked about the future Luna said he is content with the life he has built in Frisco.

“I love it up here,” Luna said. “If I can maintain what I do now as far as what I do for a career, that’s all that you can ask for up here.”

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