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Why be involved?

With an impending presidential election upon us, we as Americans must at least make our voices heard above the force fed choices the media and invested party leaders would like us to choose from.

The choices are lining up as: Sen. Barack Obama on the Democratic ticket, after an extensive battle to win the nomination within the Democratic Party; and Sen. John McCain on the Republican ticket, after a frustrating and disappointing elimination process that has split the party.

The entrenched Republicans/GOP have continued down a road that is not true to core Republican beliefs and principles with a “Party Unity” slate that is pushing a pro-war, economically illiterate, and big government presumptive nominee, right when we are on the verge of the dollar hitting all time lows, and gasoline prices hitting all-time highs.

Although most of the media would not let you know it, there is a large and strong following for a candidate that wants to reduce government, control spending, restore the power of the dollar, bring our troops home, defend our selves from enemies both foreign and domestic, and make America great again, both at home and in the eyes of the world.

Basically, he is the true definition of “Republican”.

That candidate was Congressman Dr. Ron Paul. He has officially suspended his presidential campaign in light of the tactics and illegal violations by the GOP at different state conventions, but continues on in restoring this country with the Campaign for Liberty (www.campaignforliberty.com).

Given light of the fact that the presidential campaign has just been “suspended”, anything is possible with the upcoming Campaign for Liberty Convention and Rally to be held Sept. 2 in Minneapolis, Minn., the same time as the slated GOP convention is scheduled to elect Sen. John McCain.

While we may not sway the minds of the GOP Party leaders after their strong opposition to true Republican values, we, as Americans, need to make our voices heard and send a clear message that we are tired of being given two evils to choose from come election time.

We want real choice, real change for more freedom (not more socialized programs and different angles on wars), and restoration of the dollar by someone who understands how overspending and indiscriminate printing of currency can kill an economy.

Send a message today.

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