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"Why I think nature is important in Summit County’

The following are winning essays in the Keystone Science School’s “Why I think nature is important in Summit County” essay contest.


I think nature is super important in Summit County! Summit County is one of the most beautiful places in the United States! Just ask all the people who visit here. They come to Summit County for their vacations from all sorts of places across the Country! I think the biggest reason they visit here might be our nature and environment.

Just how has nature been so important to us here?

One reason is our plants, insects, and animals. In the spring and summer months, we have beautiful butterflies, birds, and even our national bird, the Bald Eagle, lives here in Summit County. We have raccoons, squirrels, beavers and little chipmunks who give everyone who is lucky enough to watch them a smile on their face. We also have fantastic moose, and deer, and elk, who graze on our beautiful Summit County grasses. All of these animals are fun to watch, and living here, we learn to respect their space. Summit County has lots of foxes, coyotes, and even a few mountain lions. Nature provides all these animals with a home here.

In Summit County, we have many beautiful plants, flowers and trees. Some of these plants and trees are only found in areas like Summit County, so people from other areas come here just to see our beautiful nature. We have evergreens that provide shelter for animals all through the year. We have aspens that get green in the spring and give some animals food and homes. People come from all over and love to see them in the fall when they change from green to gold to orange. Our nature brings us beautiful flowers here like the Columbine, our

Colorado state flower.

Summit County also has lots of snow. People come from everywhere to ski here, and also snowboard, snowmobile, snowshoe and do other winter sports. Our snow is important even to people in Denver, because our Summit County snow melts and gives them water. Water is super important here, too. We need our water so we can boat and fish, kayak, and other water sports. Water also keeps the nature beautiful and helps the animals and plants to live. That is why I think that water is important in Summit County.

Nature is why Summit County is a great place to live and visit!

– Jeana Holman


When I wake up, I hear the birds

chirping. That reminds me how

important nature is. We

sometimes take it for

granted. Do you ever take time to watch the sunset? Here are

reasons why nature is important to Summit County.

First of all, nature

provides animal habitats.

Animals need habitat to survive, don’t they? Next, forests

produce oxygen. Third, nature soothes my soul. Also there are more opportunities to play sports such as hiking, mountain biking,

rafting, kayaking, skiing, and snowboarding. Fourth, we have the three mountain life zones, montane, subalpine and alpine. Summit County residents live in two of the three life zones,

montane and subalpine. Nature is important, and we couldn’t live without it!

– Ian Borgeson

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