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Why not knock down the mountains, too?

Susan Caggiano, Breckenridge

You know, I don’t think Frisco should stop with getting rid of that “eyesore” of open land. Personally, I have always felt that the mountains are in the way of having a beautiful panoramic view of everlasting beauty. We really should knock down those mountains. I mean, they just take up space and block the sun. Frisco could be so much bigger and worth so much more money. Look at all that prime real estate that is just wasted.Take Dillon Reservoir for instance: How many second homes and condos could be built there. Drain the silly thing and look at how much money the town can have. Same with the ugly craggity like mountain range alongside Summit Boulevard. Blast it away and presto, millions of dollars more of prime land. Frisco, wake up and enjoy what a precious commodity you already have. Keep thinking of having a Home Depot there, and you should put changing the town’s name to Lakewood West on the ballot too.