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Why take a chance on global warming?

Spencer SchellDillon

Personally, I believe that the Earth is getting warmer, and that human activity is playing a part in that. Perhaps I am wrong, but I fail to understand why the belief that it’s not can lead to resistance to the idea of conserving energy and reducing human exploitation of carbon-dioxide producing fossil fuels.On March 7, publisher Jim Morgan wrote: “I don’t know if my pickup truck’s emissions are causing global warming or not. But until someone can determine exactly if it is, I plan to continue to drive it.” On March 8, letter writer Nelson Alexander wrote: “I will instead be celebrating the internal combustion engine each morning this week by leaving my cars running in the driveway and creating a little extra carbon dioxide to skew the data.” Is the American way of life so dependent on consumption that the idea of conservation seems threatening and unpatriotic?Where is the danger in promoting efficiency and increasing fuel economy? Doesn’t it make sense to encourage the development of cleaner, renewable energy sources now, while traditional fuel sources are still (relatively) abundant? With gasoline at $2 a gallon and a barrel of crude more than $50, are the costs of reducing our dependence on nonrenewable energy like foreign oil really greater than the benefits?Is it prudent to reject worthwhile ideas just because one doesn’t like the way they’re delivered or the people delivering them?If global warming is happening, by the time science could “prove” it to everyone, it might be too late to do much about it. I don’t see why we need to take that chance.

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