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Why the price of eggs went up in Colorado this year

Avian flu has killed off 85% of Colorado’s egg-laying hens amid high inflation. The industry says there’s no egg shortage — just higher costs for everyone.

Tamara Chuang
The Colorado Sun
Adrienne Burns checks on the condition of the eggs while shopping at Natural Grocers, Friday, Nov. 18, in Golden.
Hugh Carey/The Colorado Sun

In July, Natural Grocers reluctantly raised the price of free-range eggs by a dollar for members of its loyalty program. But as signs posted around the egg shelves reminded shoppers at the time, “Even at $2.99, they are still priced less than they are at other stores.” 

The Lakewood-based grocery chain received little pushback from customers, said Katie Macarelli, the company’s spokeswoman. Likely because around the same time, gas was nearing an average of $5 a gallon in Colorado, the Federal Reserve had made its first of four (so far) three-quarter-point interest rate hikes, and the U.S. had just hit its largest inflation rate increase in 40 years

Still, it was still a tough decision for the company, which aims to offer healthy and affordable food options for customers. It has subsidized free-range and organic eggs for its {N}Power members since 2017.

“The general ethos (of subsidizing eggs) is multilayered, but eating good food should not cost you your whole paycheck,” Macarelli said. “You should be able to feed you and your family in an affordable way. Eggs are really the perfect food. They have all the essential amino acids, they have so many nutrients and vitamins. For the pennies it costs you to have two eggs in the morning, it’s probably one of the most economical food products you can buy.”

While the Russian war on Ukraine and the billions in federal relief in the pandemic contributed to overall inflation, including for egg farmers, other factors may have played a greater role in pushing egg prices higher than they’ve ever been.

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