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Wickert: Capitalism works and is our system

Alan Wickert, Breckenridge

I am responding to Vincent Capozzella’s letter of Sept. 9. I will address his paragraphs one-by-one.

First, let’s look at recent history. Kennedy, Reagan, Clinton and Bush all used lower taxes to stimulate investment and out of this jobs were created. Vincent is old enough to have first-hand experience of those years. Corporations, and for that matter small businesses, have a goal of making profits, not creating jobs but hiring people is a part of that process, making the capitalistic, profit motivated, system work. Vincent neglected to point out only half of the people in the United States pay income tax. Everyone working pays FICA but everyone working does not pay income tax. Lowering the tax rate does not help that half per se, but more jobs means more competition for workers thus higher pay. Capitalism works and is our system. Greece and others prove what does not work.

Vincent’s second paragraph is a gross exaggeration of the Republican position. It is just not true.

Recent events show how Obama policies have seriously weakened our reputation and respect by nations that are not our good friends. “Speak softly and carry a big stick,” “We win, they lose.” Kennedy stood strong in the Cuban missile crisis. Not leading from behind, like Obama. I cannot find anything in the Republican platform concerning gays in the military.

Our health care system is broke, both in cash and policy. It must be fixed. My father-in-law died of an operable condition in England because of a “health panel” decision. We need reforms, but let’s start with tort reform, open – across state lines – health insurance competition. Ryan will not change anything for those of us over 55. Medicare as I well know is not that great. My former employer Caterpillar gives every retiree over 65 $3,000 a year to buy supplemental health insurance (a voucher) to pay health care costs. Works fine for me and everyone else I know in similar situations. But without supplemental health insurance most of us could not cover costs that Medicare does not pay.

Paragraph 5. What a collection of misconceptions, misunderstandings and exaggerations of the Republican positions. I don’t know where to start so I will say BS and leave it at that.

Not true. Few people can live on Social Security payments only. Social Security was never designed to be a full retirement system. Private savings are necessary and our 401K, IRA and other tax deferred programs make it possible to save money for retirement. Vincent is correct in saying Social Security will be changed, It needs to be. For those who only have SS, we have safety nets and Republicans do not plan to take those away. Gay marriage is a states rights issue. Finally who proposes religious camps to “straighten” gays. Too bad he didn’t start his article with that point; few believe that and few would have read further.

What a vile thing to say, Obama had two years with both Houses of Congress to fix the immigration problem; nothing was done. A policy needs to be developed but a campaign of hate will not help.

Alan Wickert, Breckenridge

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