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Wild girls and acoustic music come to Summit

Special to the DailyPat Bano & The Now Generation play Friday at three20south in Breckenridge.

Who: Pato Banton & The Now GenerationWhen: TonightWhere: three20south, BreckWhered the name come from? The name Pato Banton originates in Jamaica. A Pato is a night owl and a Banton is the term given to a heavy weight MC. Home base: Birmingham, UKType of music you play? Positive reggae musicIf your music were a tangible item, what would it be, and why? Chocolate, because it leaves people feeling real good.Why do people love ya? I think its because I have a great message and because I make time for my fans.How do you keep it fresh? By keeping an open mind and listening to new ideas presented by my musicians.Whats the craziest thing youve done? Trusted other people with my destiny.

Who: LovechildWhen: TonightWhere: Snake River Saloon, KeystoneWhered the name come from? It occurred to me in the shower one day. I felt like my muse and I would come together sometimes just for a temporary embrace, and the music that was the result was our lovechild. Home base: DenverType of music: Its a style that combines hard rock, country and hip-hop. We call it Outlaw Rock.If your music were a tangible item, what would it be, and why? Our music would be an old 69 Chevy farm truck with a new paint job, a suped-up engine and hydraulics. But its still got mud on the tires.Why do people love ya? People love how we mix it up. We may play a country song like Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy, but then well follow it up with 50 Cent or Justin Timberlake. We also like to do fun medleys. Its great to see the look on someones face when they realize that we just transitioned into one of their favorite songs from something completely different.How do you keep it fresh? Were always learning new songs and taking suggestions from the fans.Whats the craziest thing youve done/weirdest experience? I once jumped onstage during the encore of a pretty big show at Crevantes in Denver. The band featured members of moe and the Disco Biscuits. They were playing Led Zeppelins Whole Lotta Love, but no one was singing. I couldnt take it, so I just grabbed the mic and filled in. Thankfully, there wasnt any security. At first they were freaked out, but once they heard me sing they were all about it. That was a rush!

Who: SenecaWhen: Tonight and SaturdayWhere: The Goat Tavern, KeystoneHome base: Limmerick, IrelandType of music: A lot of people compare us musically to Snow Patrol & Damien Rice. We are the sum total of all the decisions we have made in life.If your music were a tangible item, what would it be, and why? A bouncy castle, because no matter what, it will certainly improve your mood. Plus you can jump around a lot.Why do people love ya? Because we tend to charm them with our accents, and if that doesnt work we buy them beer and say nice things about them.How do you keep it fresh? Well, we argue a lot sometimes (creative differences, etc.), but afterwards we write good make-up songs! Make up songs are always the best.Whats the craziest thing youve done/weirdest experience? Last year we stayed in a haunted former brothel in a little town outside San Francisco called Porta Costa. But then last week we stayed in a haunted bar in Chicago. Apparently it was a favorite hang out for Al Capone back in the day. It was pretty freaky because the week before, there were some paranormal investigators in there filming a show. They had a physic with them who was afraid to go down in the basement because it was so … paranormal?

Who: Head for the HillsWhen: SaturdayWhere: three20south, BreckenridgeWhered the come from? Our guitar player came up with it in high school before the band was started. Home base: Fort CollinsType of music: The music is very diverse in nature but is rooted from acoustic music. Our influences come from a variety of different places. We uphold the tradition of bluegrass while infusing many other styles of music including rock, jazz, hip-hop and classical.If your music were a tangible item, what would it be, and why? A pair of shoes, because they can go anywhere, and anyone can wear them. Our music is similar to this because we appeal to a wide range of music listeners with different interests. Why do people love ya? We provide a high-energy musical experience that can appeal to a wide range of listeners. We try to make our performances different every night to provide people with a fresh experience at each show. How do you keep it fresh? Each night we try to play new material and try new things. This could be songs that we have not played for a while or trying to come up with new interludes to link songs together.

Who: Nice Jewish Girls Gone BadWhen: ThursdayWhere: Cecilias, BreckenridgeWhered the name come from? It came to me in a dream.Home base: New York and Los AngelesType of music :Its a stellar mix of comedy, music and burlesque. The music specifically is a mix of 1950 dirty rock n roll, surf punk, klezmer, hip-hop and guilty pleasures from the 80s.Tell us more: Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad is a refreshing mix of comedy, music, spoken-word and show-stopping burlesque, featuring the gals who learned to smoke at Hebrew School, got drunk at their Bat-Mitzvahs and would rather have more schtuppa than the chupah, featuring performers seen on Comedy Central, HBO and Late Night TV. These badass chosen chicks boldly dare to deconstruct years of tradition, expectations and guilt in a fast-paced vaudeville extravaganza. Its aint yo mamas Fiddler!If your music were a tangible item, what would it be, and why? The most obvious would be lox and cream cheese on an everything bagel, but I dream of a day when sushi is indigenous to the Jewish people, so maybe a decadent dragon roll – less carbs and just as much fun.Why do people love ya? Women straight and gay love us because we have a strong women-centric – and dare I say feminist undertone. Gay men love us because we are campy, crass and kitschy, and straight men love us because were dirty.How do you keep it fresh? With 30-40 people rotating in and out of the show, it is never the same show twice, the material is constantly evolving and changing but there are some things that always stay the same – its a stellar mix of comedy, music and burlesque. Whats the craziest thing youve done/weirdest experience? Going to West Virginia was pretty nuts, being mistaken for call girls in North Carolina, showing up to a gig on the wrong day in Chico, Calif., and finding our audience by looking up Cohen in the phone book, being chased by the Korean mob in L.A., would-be suitors following the show from state to state, someone going home with the host (its been known to happen), strip tease in a college lecture hall in Maryland and haunted bed and breakfast in Mendocino. Performing on every stage known to man. I have pages of this six-year odyssey. I am sure we will have some tales to tell from our trip to Utah, which happens right before we go to Breckenridge.

Who: StoneyLive (Justin Stone)When and where: Tonight and Friday, April 17 at Motherloaded Tavern, Breckenridge. Also plays at the Breckenridge Stables sleigh ride dinners on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Whered the name come from: I have been called Stoney forever, due to my last name. My great-grandfather and grandfather were called Big Stony and Little Stony, respectively. The StoneyLive name was actually something that came about from one of my college buddies who would come to town and ask, When does StoneyLive play this weekend? Type of music: I play a wide variety of different music. I began playing piano in second grade. In sixth grade, I got my first drum set. In junior high and high school, I lived in London, England. It was a cool time and place for live music. I played in bands that were really into the hair metal/heavy metal genre. I still love 80s metal. When I moved back to Oklahoma to start college, I was immediately recruited by an old friend to play in his band. It was 92 and the whole college rock thing was getting big. We played a few gigs and actually opened for a band called The Nixons. That band did not last long and I soon had a lack of desire to move my drumset. One day I decided that I wanted to learn guitar. I bought a cheap guitar in 1997 and taught myself how to play. I almost gave uo three weeks into it. But, I stuck with it and I am still learning everday. I have since become a big fan of new-style country music. Of course, I cant give up on my metal side either. So I play covers from Iron Maiden to Neil Diamond, Alice In Chain to Johnny Cash, Tom Petty to Fuel, Steve Miller to Steve Earle and Robert Earl Keen to Roger Clyne. Its all over the place. If your music were a tangible item, what would it be? I guess my music is like dynamite. It could explode into anything at anytime. Why do people love ya? I think people who enjoy themselves at my gigs like the fact that they can hear almost anything. If I dont really know a song that someone requests, there is still a good chance Ill give it a try. How do you keep it fresh? I try to keep things fresh by learning new songs whenever I can. That said, it is difficult for me to learn new songs in the winter because I have very little time between the day job and playing four or five nights a week. I still try to expand my repretoire when I have time. Its fun to try new songs and see how things can be done differently to make them more entertaining. Craziest thing/weirdest experience? A few years ago, I was playing on the deck at the Breckenridge BBQ. It was the day of the Breck town party. I had been playing for a couple of hours. Just as I started a new song, a gentlemen jumped out of his chair, took all his clothes off and danced in a circle for a brief moment. This was in full sight of everyone on the deck and then some. He has since become an esteemed business owner in Breckenridge.

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