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Wild party leads to destruction, loss of blood and hair

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SUMMIT COUNTY – A propane tank thrown through a window, reports of defecation on the front porch and loud, unintelligible screams greeted deputies reporting recently to a Keystone-area home on noise complaints.

Deputies visited this residence twice, for the mayhem escalated as morning approached – with loss of blood and hair.

About 100 people attended the late-night party, where more than 50 vehicles were parked illegally on a county road, according to a report from Summit County Sheriff’s Office.

Five deputies arrived on the scene to find the home “in disarray, trash and beer cans were littered everywhere,” according to the report.

A 20-gallon propane tank had been thrown through a window, and residents reported the front-porch defecation. The deputies soon moved to the deck behind the home where about 30 to 40 people were making most of the noise. They issued warnings to the three residents regarding the noise and vehicles, according to the report.

Additional noise complaints brought the deputies back to the scene at 3:30 a.m.

Sixteen parking tickets were issued before the deputies walked toward the back of the home. A young woman was discovered hiding in some brush.

“The woman was bleeding from her mouth and nose; she told (a deputy) that she had been assaulted inside the home by an unknown female,” according to the report.

The woman was uncooperative and apparently intoxicated. Deputies found one of the residents – who happened to be bleeding from the mouth – and asked him about the possible assault on the woman. While they questioned him, the woman “ran into the woods behind the home,” according to the report.

“I questioned several people in the home regarding the possible assault but was told that the girl was intoxicated and tripped over a hot tub cover, she then fell into a sliding glass door,” according to the report.

The deputy examined the door, but the dust on it apparently wasn’t disturbed.

A sergeant found “a ‘handful’ of long brown hair discarded on a table in the kitchen of the residence. No other information regarding an assault was obtained from questioning or evidence observed on scene,” according to the report.

The female resident was contacted regarding the possible assault, but she was uncooperative “and locked herself in an area of the house and refused to speak with anyone,” according to the report.

The other two residents were issued court summonses on disorderly conduct for “unreasonable noise,” according to the report.

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