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Wilke: Adults can, and should, think for themselves

Kerry and Debbie Jo Wilke
Blue River

Re. “137 abortions per hour every hour,” by Jeanne Saeger, letters, Sept. 4

In response to Jeanne Saeger’s letter published on 9/4/12 regarding abortion statistics: It’s obvious that you are personally against abortion, but why would you insist that everyone be required to make the same choice that you would make? No one on the “free choice” side of this argument is insisting that you have an abortion, so why can’t we all make our own choices regarding this difficult and very personal issue? If abortions had instead been criminalized in 1973, according to your figures, our already crowded world would now be dealing with 54,559,615 additional unwanted dependents while simultaneously denying the benefits of birth control, health care, child care, food stamps, welfare, education, employment or clean air and water. Is this really what women want by voting for Romney?

We’re all adults here … we can, and should, think and choose for ourselves.