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Will the nightmare ever cease?

Richard Chittick

I’ve had this recurring dream lately. In it, I find myself still sitting in Skyline Cinema over in Dillon while “Something’s Gotta Give” continues to drag on.

No matter how hard I pinch myself, Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson continue to pointlessly stare at me and at each other, manufacturing goofy, love-struck facial expressions.

I struggle to wake up but only find myself sighing, along with the rest of the audience, at each new scene as the movie refuses to end.

Eventually I do wake up, but upon doing so, I can do little but think back at the two hours and fifteen minutes I wasted on this movie.

And each night I return to the dream, where this drawn-out, annoying story about a 63-year-old man who spends his life dating 20-something women decides to fall for his current girlfriend’s mother after having a heart attack.

Just like any bad dream, nothing in this movie really makes sense, and just when you think it might start to, it dives off in some aberrant direction that throws everything into an intangible confusion.

I’m not terribly sure how I stuck it out all the way to this movie’s end, but like any nightmare, one doesn’t always have the option of choosing when it will stop.

I tried looking away from the screen, but always looked back, sort of like when you try to fall asleep watching TV and you keep getting distracted into watching. Movie screens are difficult to ignore.

It was even worse than a dream where you know what’s going to happen and are powerless to stop it.

If you desperately want a good love story to kick back with over the holidays, go see “Love Actually.”

This movie is worthless. And though Kimberly is still mad at me for making her watch both “Underworld” and “The Matrix: Revolutions” in the same month, I will hold this against her for quite some time.

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