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William Dowd: Denver Water bureaucrats don’t know much

William Dowd
Summit County

I strongly disagree with the opinions that Denver Water is doing a good job, and that the bike path barrier is a mere inconvenience compared to the safety it supplies. The barrier, and the pension padding, aging bureaucrats on either side of the dam are not going to stop a team of al-Qaeda operatives. If they’ve made it to Dillon with their trailer full of explosives, then our intelligence agencies have missed it. If the terrorists know how to use their explosives in a way to blow up the dam, the dam is gone, along with the water cops who will have simply suffered a bullet in the head moments before the explosion. I’m not sure if this whole project is a bureaucratic effort in maintaining as big a budget as possible, or if Denver Water actually thinks a couple of cops and a pole are going to stop terrorists who have the mindset and capacity to fly our planes into our own buildings. Either way, the water board folks are the people who can’t find work in the private sector even in a good economy. Just look at the great job they did 50 years ago “planning” the Town of Dillon. It would appear that during that half century, they’ve used the old unwritten bureaucratic code of never hiring anyone smarter than yourself, so as not to be shown up.

A few weeks ago, I was riding my bike on the path. As I approached the barrier, some unthinking person decided to pass me just as I was negotiating it, almost causing an accident. Perhaps that person was a worker for the DWB, up here on vacation.

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